The MadHatter Project
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The MadHatter Project can be easily recognised through its piano-centred, synthesiser-based sound and its distinctive storytelling style. Since its debut in 2014, the band has shown its ability in crafting shows that fit the diversity of stages it has been allowed on.

With four cynically optimistic history and music geeks (and oxymoron enthusiasts) in its ranks, performances are quirky and flamboyant yet introverted and introspective. This has earned plaudits from audiences and professionals alike, culminating in the winning of the 2015 Noise Singapore Award under the mentorship of Bani Haykal.

Despite seeming like generally nice people, the band spends most of its time offstage moaning about the travails of their football clubs and arguing over what food to eat. The only thing they can agree on is sambal stingray.